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All You Need at a Glance

The Invoice365 accounts dashboard gives you a snapshot of all your clients, current balance due and a quick clock in feature for easy access to start working.
Invoice365 Accounts Page

Features Overview

All client account pages offer the following:
• View and edit client information
• Bill by hourly or flat rate charges
• View and edit the current invoice details
• View and edit past invoices via invoice history
• Preview your draft invoice as the client would see it
• Send invoice to client
Invoice365 Account Details Page

Preview Your Invoice

Your invoice speaks for you and your comapny. We've created a design that's clean and professional.
Customize your invoice masthead by adding your company logo via My Account.
Invoice365 - Invoice Preview

Submitting Your Invoice

Should your invoice be ready for submission, clicking "Send Invoice" prepares it to be sent via email to the client.
Whether you use the preset message or type your own, click "Send Invoice" and send yourself a copy if you like.
Submit invoices via Invoice365 email system

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